Low Emissions

Žaba’s systems were designed with environment in mind. Propulsion is provided by 2 x 15kW OceanVolt electric sail drives, 14kWh of LiFePO4 batteries, 1.2kW of solar panels. 

Modern Design

Hull shapes were designed by Grainger Designs. Žaba’s hull length to beam ratio is 13:1. The hulls are fitted with reversed wave piercing bows. Cockpit is covered with hard canopy supporting a full width main sheet traveler. Jib is self-tacking..

Space Craft Materials

Žaba was built using high tech materials. Most of the surfaces are from foam core tortured flat panels. The foam core sandwich hull panels came precut on a CNC router from ATL Composites in Australia. There are carbon reinforcements, some parts were infused.


Perfect Cruising boat to spend your time off close to, on, under, above water!

We will tailor your cruising holiday based on your wishes! You can enjoy sailing, sunbathing, swimming, snorkling, diving, stand-up-paddleboarding, kiting, culinary arts, fishing. And of course discovering difficult to get to by land places. 


Boat Specifications

Saloon / Cockpit and lounging areas

Accomodation with amenities of a comfortable home


History of Žaba

The history is a bit longer than one would want to remember. If boat building dreamers knew how long it takes to build a boat, multiply by four, no boats would ever be built. Žaba was built by Bukvaj Multihulls sro in Prague, on the Vltava river bank, close to the historic city center. Construction started in August 2011. The boat was test launched on 4th October 2017. 


Bespoke Manufacturing and Mobile Boat Repair

Since we built the whole boat, and several boats before Zaba, Bukvaj Multihulls sro (ex Bukvaj sro) plans to do mobile repairs wherever your boat or project is. Or actually wherever we can sail Žaba. We can do fibeglass work, fairing / painting, system upgrades, some electrical work. 



Don’t stop dreaming, or dream on!!

Žaba’s route so far

Most of the work was completed (ish) in Prague in April 2018. The boat first went down the river Moldau into Elbe, then up norht to Hamburg. The mast was stepped in Gluckstadt. In the summer of 2018 we sailed in the Baltic and up to Oslo through Copenhagen. Zaba spent the first winter in lovely Emden. And in 2019 Zaba took off through Duch canals, the mast up route to Amsterdam, Brighton, Brest, La Coruna, Lisabon, Algarve and through the Med to Greece.

Žaba – Dazcat 10
Žabka – F-82R trimaran
Shahin – F-82 trimaran

There were many boats built since Kačírek was launched on Slapy lake way back in1979 in what was back then Czechoslovakia 

Other Projects

Bukvaj Multihulls and before that Bukvaj sro have, beside building boats, made composite parts, repaired boats and boat systems

In The Meantime

here’s how our frinds experienced the cat

The galley is good she should say. Ali sailed across the Bay of Biscay from Brest to Lisabon. What are you cooking Ali? Don’t know yet, something. It’s always delicious though.

Alison Jelke


Tor has sailed the Vltava / Elbe from Praha nearly to Hamburg. Then from Travemunde to Danish islands in 2018 and in 2019 from Emden to Brest through the Datch canals and the English / La Manche canal to Brest

Tor Veggeland


Steve sailed with us from Oslo to Emden through formidable Skaggerak and the southern North Sea in late 2018. The weather was not very nice to us. Then in 2019 from Emden to La Coruna 

Steve Bryant


Our Team

Multitalented group of dedicated individuals

Radim Žižka

Skipper / Owner / Builder

Long history of dreaming about boat building and sailing. FIrst boating licence was VMP in Praha in 1980. Then back in 1986 on Granvile Island in Vancouver, received a CYA Basic Cruising Instructor licence at the Sea Wing Sailing School.

Pavla Žižka

Reservations / logistics

Keeps a diary of bookings

Jarek Krčmář

Drone pilot

Started this website, said it was easy. Jarek took the drone footage last summer

Purva Sawant

Asian connection


MIchal Karásek

Boat Builder

External boat builder colaborating with Bukvaj Multihulls for many years. Works as a freelancer on all kinds of projects

David Vašát

Boat Builder

Was part of the building process as an independent boat builder from start to end. Currently working with Jonas Catamaran in Ceske Budejovice


The goal of this blog is to track what is happening with the project


Žaba has 2 OceanVolt 15kW saildrives, 15kW PolarPower generator running on a Volvo D2-40B diesel

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It is possible to charter Zaba in Greece with a captain through a branch of Bukvaj Multihulls sro called Zaba Logbook sro. 

Please send email to radim@zabalogbook.com

[Please send email to radim@zabalogbook.com]